The Full Story


Seek to be Kind came from the United by Purpose Project with The National Society of Leadership and Success. The NSLS aims to empower members to engage in experiential leadership and prepare members to understand and engage in contemporary issues of commitment toward ending systemic racism, bigotry, oppression, and injustices for all. We challenged to educate ourselves, initiate new concepts, and create projects to build a better world for their community.

How did we get here?

Our project started from a simple survey of our peers. Of the 107 respondents, over 94% indicated they had witnessed or experienced some injustice in at least one setting. The top three areas in which folks observed or experienced injustice was in Race/Ethnicity, Sex, and Nationality. 72.9% witness these injustices over Social Media and 43.9% witness this in a school setting. 34.6% of respondents turned to Social Media for advice, 33.6% turned to family/friends. Unfortunately, 28% internalized the issues. We were disheartened to see these statistics and felt the best way to help others was to utilize Social Media to hopefully be a one-stop resource to learn and encourage by answering your uncomfortable questions and sharing testimonials!

Our Mission

To create validity for those that have been underrepresented and oppressed by educating our community, country, and beyond and to build towards equity for all.